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Nick Graves

Indiana-Michigan-Colorado-Georgia-Oregon-NYC-British Columbia-Washington

Raised in Greencastle, Indiana and refined by adventure on the open road, I am a self-taught photographer currently based in the Pacific Northwest. With a never-ending curiosity of what lays around the next bend, I am always looking for the next adventure to capture awe-inspiring landscapes and the stories of those I will meet along the way. My passion, for both the outdoors and photography, were developed on the trails of the Colorado Rockies while working at Snow Mountain Ranch.  Enjoying days off with new friends from all over the world, the trail became a place of unhindered discussion, reflection, and storytelling. The destinations simply became the cherry on top of the relational mountains that had been summited before we ever arrived. Each photograph has such a story behind it. A story of new friends met, personal reflections, dreams shared or imagined and life-long memories made. I am thrilled to share these visual time capsules with you. Should any particular image strike your interest, please ask for the story – I’d love to share.

[ Greencastle High School ’03   –   Hope College ’07   –   Young Life ]



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